Stocking Your Pond

Choosing the right species for your pond.

A reliable fish stocker wants your fish to do well when they are in your pond. Taking the time to observe your pond and prepare the answers to these questions will help you and the fish grower make the best decisions.

         Choosing the right species to match your water conditions will get you off to the best start.
         Some conditions of a pond can be monitored and changed, but others are permanent. Fish do better when the conditions meet their needs.
          The popular fish in New England is trout. Generally, trout do best in cold ponds where the temperature remains below 68 degrees, at least in the deeprer sections. For winter survival, depth must be enough for adequate water and oxygen under the thick ice.
          For warm or shallow ponds, consider native bull head, crayfish, bass or other sportfish to provide food and family fun. Golden shiners can bake a sparkling accent to your exotic water garden.

Stocking a pond adds many pleasures to your property.

          Your pond can be stocked with fish to provide food for the family, for the recreation of fishing, or to improve the balance of organisms in the pond.
          People are often surprised to learn that their fish will respond to a regular feeding schedule. Observing their habits can become an interesting hobby.
          The attention and time spent caring for your fish will improve the overall quality of your pond, extending its life and value.
          For assistance in evaluating your site, you can contact UNH Cooperative Extension, J-J Newman, in Durham, NH at (603)-749-1565.

We are pleased to offer this list of NH fish raisers who are members of NHAA and hold Aquaculture Licenses issued by the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game.

Cold Water Species

Hy-On-A-Hill Trout Farm, Inc.
      PO Box 308
      Plainfield, NH 03781
Rainbow and Brook Trout
        Sumner Brook Fish Farm
    Contact: Richard Prunier
    277 Route 16
      Ossippee, NH 03864
Rainbow , Brown and Brook Trout


Warm Water Species

Hillsborough Trout Farm
    Debbie Gile
    186 Old Henniker Road
    Hillsboro, NH 03244
Crawfish, Largemouth Bass, Golden Shiners
       Poling Aquaculture
   Melvin Murrel
   PO Box 191
   Hillsboro, NH 03244
Brown Bullhead, Crawfish, Bluegill, Bass
Pond Harvesting service, Pond Rehabilitation Service